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Handmade Lacquer Wooden Etikoppaka Toy Fruit Plate with Fruits

Handmade Lacquer Wooden Etikoppaka Toy Fruit Plate with Fruits

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  • Country of Origin:   India
  • G.I:   Andhra Pradesh
  • Ideal for:   Decorating purpose
  • Material used:    Lacquer wood
  • Size:      2/3inches
  • Weight:    200 gram
  • Colour:    Multi colour      


This is an Exclusive GI Product from Andhra Pradesh.  

A small village near the bank of Vishaka river of Andhra Pradesh, India famous for its traditional Etikoppaka Toys. It is made from the finest wooden lacquer wooden crafts, coloured with natural seeds, lacquer roots, and seeds dying with eco-friendly colours. These toys are made basically for kids and for decorating purposes. This is made from soft Ankudu wood and Reppali wood known in its local language. It forms various designs like God, Marriage toys, and other decorative materials. It enhances the elegance and quality of the traditional products that produce for a long time. Due to its uniqueness, the Government of India has given a Geographical Indication Certificate to Etikoppaka Toys.


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