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Shoppingkart24 is a global platform for many weavers/artisans/craftsmen/farmers, small-scale vendors, providing an online & offline channel to showcase the unique & versatile line of Geographical Indication (GI) Products and hence promoting richness & the uniqueness of Indian arts & crafts along with their non-crafts products from several weavers/artisans/craftsmen/farmers or local manufactures & vendors from rural/urban India. We are an operator and provider of an online platform and coming soon with exclusive stories intended to offer a range of Geographical Indication (GI)products. We are working to deliver the product across the globe. The shipment charges will be changed according to dimension and weight of the parcel. 

SR NO.WeightInternational Shipping Rate in INRAPPROAX SHIPPING CHARGES IN USD
150g600$8.22 to $9
250g to 100g800$10.96 to $11
3100 g to 200g1000$13.70 to $14
4200g to 300g1200$16.44 to $17
5300g to 500g1800$24.66 to $25
6500 g to 1kg2800$38.36 to $39
71 kg to 2kg5000$68.50 to $69
82 kg to 3kg7000$95.90 to $100
93 kg to 4kg9500$130.15 to $135
104 kg to 5kg11500$157.55 to $160
115 kg to 6kg13500$184.95 to $189
126 kg to 7kg15500$212.34 to $215
137kg to 8kg17500$239.74 to $241
148 kg to 9kg19500$267.14 to $269
159 kg to 10kg21500

$294.54 to $300