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Chikmagalur Arabica Coffee Powder (1kg)

Chikmagalur Arabica Coffee Powder (1kg)

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·         Aged in Amrut whiskey barrels, this suave coffee opens with a delicate whiskey aroma leaving a smooth sweet mouthfeel. Roasted medium, it brews a medium-bodied, low acidity coffee. This product does not contain alcohol.

·         Taster's Notes: Rum & Raisins

·         Coffee Origin: Our family estate, Kelagur, in Chikamagalur.

·         100% Single-origin Arabica Coffee Beans and Coffee Powder, Freshly Roasted in Mumbai and Ground to suit your coffee brewing equipment. Packed in Biodegradable bags, with a degas valve.


This coffee is from Kelagur in Chikmagalur, Karnataka. These are freshly roasted coffee beans/coffee powder. The coffee is ground on demand for your coffee equipment like Espresso machine, French Press, Moka Pot, AeroPress, South Indian Filter, Cold Brew, etc.

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