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Premium Quality Kalanamak Rice (10kg)

Premium Quality Kalanamak Rice (10kg)

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Kalanamak rice is said to outshine even the most exclusive Basmati rice in all quality traits except grain length. Kalanamak rice is a non-basmati rice with short to medium grain length. Aroma of Kalanamak rice, which is said to be the gift of Gautam Buddha, is stronger than all Basmati varieties. Elongation after cooking, which is one of the most important quality trait in the international rice market, is 40% greater than Basmati rice. Cooked kalanamak is softer and fluffier that other rice varieties. Amylose content is close to 20% as compared to 24% and higher in Basmati. High amylose levels tend to make the rice cook firm and dry. Rice with a medium amylose content of between 16% and 22% usually cooks softer and the grains stick together more readily.

Health Benefits:-

Kalanamak rice is rich in micro-nutrients such as Iron and Zinc. Therefore, having this rice is said to prevent diseases borne out of Iron and Zinc deficiencies. It is said that regular intake of Kalanamak rice can prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Government of India came out with Nutri-Farm scheme in 2013, with the aim to promote food crops that have critical micro nutrients to fight malnutrition and improve nutrition status of the vulnerable section of society. Kalanamak rice was one of the nutri-crop selected for this scheme.

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