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Shoppingkart24: A unique shopping portal offering the wide range of handicraft products to art connoisseursDate: 06 December 2018

India is widely known for its rich heritage and culture since ages. This culture has, since ages, acted as a mother by virtue of giving birth to assorted art forms. This invokes a myriad of hopes among citizens creating a sense of euphoria that everything is hunky dory in the world of Indian art and culture. But the reality is far from this perception. These art forms are marred by the lack of platforms which leads to a lacuna of the targeted audience. What’s more disheartening is the fact that the patrons and artisans of these legacies are the struggling market and ...sell their products compelling them to look out for alternatives to run their lives. This paucity of platform gave vision to a young man to develop a digital platform for these people. The young man was none other than Mr Prateek B. Singh himself who was well aware of the worsening conditions of these artists. Mr Prateek B. Singh, hailing from Varanasi, knew exactly what the need of the hour was. He brushed up his knowledge about E-commerce and started a career as a vendor on different e-commerce portals with an aim to start his own E-commerce business. Subsequently, he became the brainchild of in the year 2015. The startup since then has been marching ahead with a mission to provide a unique selling portal to these neglected artisans, craftsmen, rural and urban vendors. Read More

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Shoppingkart24: Delivering Authentic GI Products straight from Vendors to CustomersDate: 11 December 2018

Indian textile and handicrafts industry is one of the largest employment generators in the country after agriculture, employing about 7 million people directly or indirectly. Sharing a major portion of Indian economy, textile and handicrafts industry has been estimated to contribute 18 percent annual growth to the economy. However, presently the industry suffers lots of setbacks due to lack of education, low capital, and poor exposure to new technologies, absence of market intelligence, and a poor institutional framework. Many of the artisans/weavers/craftsmen and smal...l shopkeepers are struggling to sell their products and searching for a channel to showcase their offerings, where they get maximum profit and coverage. With a vision to offer a global platform for artisans, craftsmen, small-scale vendors, provides an online website to showcase unique and versatile Indian products. Prateek B Singh, MD, Shoppingkart24, says,“In this growing era of digitization, there are so many artisans/craftsmen, vendors, retailers and shopkeepers who are still not aware of online businesses even though they produce unique and quality products. As a result, the Indian originated brands are losing their share of demand in the market. Shoppingkart24 has only one mission: provide the best selling portal to these neglected artisans/ craftsmen, rural and urban vendors and work for their growth.” Read More

Source : Experience a Delightful Online Shopping with a DifferenceDate: 11 December 2018

Starting up a new business is not a big deal. But, managing the process for a longer period of time is an imperative challenge for every startup or small enterprise. Over a decade ago, budding enterprises were able to corner the market themselves with their traditional ways of doing business. But, the recent era of online shopping has moved the attention of their visitors. Emerging technologies and head-on competition are forcing small vendors to leave the track. The challenges many of Tier-II and Tier-III cities artisans/craftsmen and small shopkeepers faced were surp...risingly similar. Therefore, they were on the lookout for an opportunity to showcase their offerings in a channel to reap maximum profit and coverage. Understanding the need of the hour, Prateek B Singh from Varanasi took big responsibility on his shoulders and started his career as a vendor on different e-Commerce portals with a sole aim to kick-start his own online portal in the name of The company made its debut in the year 2016 with one and only mission to offer a trustworthy platform to these neglected artisans/craftsmen, rural/urban vendors and work for their growth. “We started Shoppingkart24 – India’s largest online shopping portal – with a vision to provide a global platform for many artisans/craftsmen, small-scale vendors to showcase their unique & versatile line of products. We offer a platform to promote richness and uniqueness of Indian products from artisans/craftsmen, local manufacturers, and vendors,” proclaims Prateek B Singh, Founder, Today, Shoppingkart24 takes great pride in representing more than 1500+ sellers and 10,000+ products on the website within a time span of six months. The company also has a good traction of registered customers, 5,000-10,000 visitors/month with 17-20 percent returning visitors in just three months. Read More

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Educate, empower, enrich, these are the three most important points on which shoppingkart24 focusesDate: 11 December 2018

ShoppingKart24 came about as an idea to create awareness about local businesses. It allows people to purchase locally from others who might not be completely aware of the e-commerce bubble. Started by Prateek B Singh, ShoppingKart24 is unique because of the items they sell. Their mission is to promote small scale entrepreneurs, women or young entrepreneurs, from rural and urban India. Their main idea is to help them scale up their business. Moving forward they are planning on improving and increasing their inventory. ShoppingKart24 is planning on adding Indian art, an...d exclusively Indian designs and products to their list of items. That’s not all, they already have a mobile app, that allows users to search using their voice. The company is also looking to add an offline presence to the market. Read More

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Shoppingkart24 is raising the bar with ‘in – person’ touch of onboarding vendorsDate: 11 December 2018

Since its existence, India has been a land of golden treasures that has always attracted spectators and buyers from all over the world. The treasury box of this diverse nation opulently showcases the vast variety and marvelous intricate arts and crafts. Indians have expended enormous energy on inventing and creating the intricate arts. Modern India, however, has moved ahead into the technological era leaving these artforms to the few. The rural India, which is yet to see the digitization, is engaged in preserving their ancestral arts and crafts by passing it to their ...generations. Sensing the gap here, Prateek B Singh founded Shoppingkart24 with an objective of bringing the Indian art and crafts on the digital platform. Shoppingkart24 has been working towards educating the artisans to promote and sell their ware online. Mr. Singh believes in maintaining a personal touch with stakeholders to be able to show them the positive sides of the internet world. Read More

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