Gir Kesar Mangoes - From the foothills of Girnar

Gir Kesar Mangoes - From the foothills of Girnar
8 May, 2021

Kesar Mango – A pride of Saurashtra Region

Mango the ‘Mouth Watering Fruit’ is loved by all, and the Kesar Mango is known for its bright orange-coloured pulp and was given the geographical indication status in 2011 and thus the name Kesar (Saffron).

The Kesar mango is the second variety of mango in India to get GI registration after the Dussheri mango variety grown in Uttar Pradesh.

Gir Kesar, due to its cultivation in the foothills of Girnar, is irresistibly sweet, juicy, and delicious. Skin is yellow with a tinge of green on the outside. It is an early-season variety. It is the queen of mangoes.

Gir Kesar is India’s second-largest mango variety in terms of exports. In terms of flavour, many describe it as the best on the planet.

It is so delicious, aromatic, and nutritious that many describe it as divine. The aroma is soulful and the taste is heavenly pampering your tastebuds

The sugar-acid blend of pulp is excellent; hence the fruit is also suitable for table purposes. is the go-to place for Kesar Mango lovers and during the pandemic wave, it is best to shop online. This is a store providing authentic Geographical Indication (GI) tagged Kesar Mango.

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