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Kancheepuram Silk Sarees

Kancheepuram Silk Sarees
25 March, 2021
Kancheepuram Silk sarees are characterized by a gold-dipped silver thread that is woven on the premium quality silk. These sarees are also known for their durability, heaviness and high cost because of Zari's work. The heavier is the silk and Zari; the better is considered the quality. Kancheepuram / Kanjeevaram Saree is a GI protected product of India. As per Geographical Indication (GI) label, a Kancheepuram saree should have 57 percent silver and 0.6 percent gold in zari.
These sarees are worn as bridal & special occasion saris by most women in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh.
They last a lifetime or longer when taken care of well and are exceptionally elegant. This garment stands out from other sarees mostly because of the contrast among the borders and the rest of the colours or patterns on the fabric of the Kanjivaram silks.
Some of the most common Wedding silk sarees themes and motifs that are used on a Kancheepuram saree are nature-inspired, comprising the moon, the sun, a few stately chariots, majestic peacocks, lions, coins, swans, parrots flying or sitting on branches leaves from diverse plants and mangoes. Another common recurrent motif is a jasmine bud that is at the centre of a square.
One of the excellent thing about wearing Kancheepuram sarees is that they add a large amount of sophistication to your overall look as the fall of the saree and the pallu is extremely straight and has a sturdy, stiff look to it.
Typically, Kanjivaram Sarees are made from Kanjivaram silk. Therefore, to understand its origin, it is important to understand the history of Kanjivaram Silk. Kanjivaram Silk is a type of Silk that is made from pure mulberry and is traditionally made by weaving long, unbroken silk. These Sarees have their roots traced back to Kanchipuram village in Tamil Nadu, India. Between the years 985 and 1014, a King belonging to the Chola Dynasty was the ruler of Kanchipuram. He had great interest in Silk trade and took the initiative to engage with regards to the same. Weaving communities moved to Kanchipuram during the reign of Krishna-Deva Raya. These communities are widely known as Saligars and the Devangas. Because of this migration into Kanchipuram, the Silk industry was moved to the city in the 15th century. These communities were excellent at weaving, however when the French invaded the country; the activities were put to a halt. Even so, by the 18th century, the practice was back on track and the Kanjivaram Silk was most popular and became the core material in making South Indian Sarees. These Sarees became a cultural mark for Weddings, ceremonies and other occasions. As time went by, these Kanjivaram sarees became very popular around the globe because of their durability and unique shine.
Kanjivaram Silk Sarees are every woman’s dream and especially because of their increasing popularity. As women seek to purchase these Sarees, we are striving to meet the demands and requirements by ensuring we offer high-quality Kanjivaram sarees online. We have some of the best Sarees with perfect designs. There are different Kanjivaram Sarees to fit all kinds of occasions.  Whether you are looking for Kanjivaram sarees for bride or otherwise, we have got you covered. We consider it our prime duty to showcase Sarees that meet your standards and surpass them. Every woman wants to look angelic donning a Kanjivaram Saree and we ensure we offer uniqueness, style and creativity to ensure, your dream Saree world becomes a reality. is the right place for all Kanjivaram Saree lovers. All sarees are handpicked to making Kajnivaram a Women delight

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