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‘Tis the season of Mangoes’

‘Tis the season of Mangoes’
24 May, 2021

Come summer, and here is the advent of King of fruits THE MANGO. People across the country wait for summers just for this heaven-in-mouth fruit. This fruit truly enjoys dominance above all, especially during summers. People from all walks of life love to gorge on this amazing and delicious fruit. The love for mangoes among people is well known to all.

The intense heat of summer is favourable for the ripening of the fruit. From raw green to mellow yellow to a golden-yellow, mangoes hang down weighing the branch. Though mangoes are cultivated in Brazil, Australia, Philipines, and Thailand, the Indian version reigns supreme for its taste and aroma.

Mughal emperor Akbar was very fond of Mangoes and even planted 100,000 trees in Bihar. Emperor Aurangzeb was also very fond of this ‘king of fruits. Maratha Kings presented him in a large fruit container. Siva Ji Maharaj even hid and entered the Aurangzeb palace in the aromatic-filled container to surprise his enemy. 

The Immense reputation of the fruit is encouraging the government to organise the MANGO FESTIVALS across the country, one never has hardly heard of the festival of other fruits. The fruit can be consumed in many forms to name a few Juice, Shakes, Pickles, Aam Ras, Kairi ka paani, and many more. It is given to pregnant women for healthy and sweet nutrition and delivery. The nutritional value is high, rich in Vitamins and Minerals. Many people just love to have with Roti and Milk even escaping proper meals like Lunch or Dinner. The Airports are filled with the Aroma where the fruit is being exported.

This little mood lifter, available in more varieties than one can count, has always enjoyed a good rapport with chroniclers and explorers.

The famous Aam Panna is the best body cooler in summers and yummy too. We are blessed, have been able to taste heaven.

The Love affair of Mango and Mirza Ghalib is well known, he once said  “My friend, in my view, only two things are necessary for mangoes: they should be sweet, and they should be numerous.”

One more story about Ghalib and little heaven goes like this: Once he was sitting in the verandah of his house with a very close friend of his, Hakim Razi ud-Din Khan, who wasn’t fond of mangoes. Just then, a donkey cart passed by. The donkey sniffed at a pile of mango skins lying there and, turning its face away, walked off.

The Hakim Sahib turned towards Mirza and immediately said, “Look, even a donkey doesn’t eat mangoes!”

Ghalib immediately retorted, “Undoubtedly, donkeys don’t eat mangoes!” is delivering the fruit with all the Covid-19 protocols, the company is celebrating MANGO FESTIVAL and thus this is the best time and place for the Amritphal.

The mango is not just the king of fruits — it is a realm in itself.

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