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The grandeur of Indian Handicrafts

The grandeur of Indian Handicrafts
18 May, 2021

India's rich cultural heritage and centuries of evolutionary tradition are manifested by the huge variety of handicrafts made all over the country which represent the tradition, heritage, and legacy of the specific region. The artisans working relentlessly to create such gems are the true champions. These crafts carry the magnetic appeal of the Indian culture that promises exclusivity, beauty, dignity, and style.

The handicraft industry is facing tough competition from machine-made cheap duplicates from the countries like China, Indonesia, etc. Also, GenZ is inclined towards the world of technology they are lost in gadgets, mobiles, etc. Our indigenous craft is not able to receive the well-deserved recognition and in a way or another, we are responsible for it. The talented artisans who are working day in and day out are finding it difficult to make their ends meet.

The government of India has realised the potential of its craft industry, it has initiated a nationwide campaign “VOCAL FOR LOCAL” to promote our very own heritage and culture. The Geographical Indication Act is also playing a key role to protect and promote our rich craft.  If implemented successfully the “VOCAL FOR LOCAL” campaign can truly bring big money in terms of increased turnover.

Every citizen can be a part of the “VOCAL FOR LOCAL” campaign by promoting and purchasing hand-crafted items and is one such platform, working tirelessly for the protection and promotion of Indian Handicrafts. All the products available are GI tagged and authentic.

During these trying times, all the hard work is being done to protect and maintain the interest of the customer. Be its authenticity, safety, or following covid protocols.

Providing quality of life to our talented Artisans is our dictum so that they can be more competitive and hence increase their market value.

Commercial benefits of this art can only be achieved once the artisans are happy and content, and we at are determined to do so……