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Kondapalli Bommalu...A complete world of Toys

Kondapalli Bommalu...A complete world of Toys
18 May, 2021

Kondapalli Bommalu is a toy made of wood in Kondapalli of Krishna district, a village nearby Vijayawada in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh The Kondapalli toys are made from softwood is known as Tella Poniki which is found in nearby Kondapalli Hills.


It was registered as one of the geographical indication handicrafts from Andhra Pradesh as per the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999. Kondapalli toys are famous for their lightweight, vibrant colours and age-old production techniques. Themed around mythology, rural life, and animals, these toys exhibit joyous and realistic expressions.

These toys have carved a niche of their own in the world of handicrafts. Nimble-fingered artisans carve with aplomb, as characters emerge and evolve from light softwood. The wooden piece is heated to make it moisture-free. Different parts of the image are carved separately. They are then glued together with an adhesive made of crushed tamarind seeds.

Both water and oil colours are used to paint the toy or figurine. Painting is done with
soft and thin paintbrushes made of goat's hair. The toys depict scenes from actual life, animals, rural folks, deities, and characters from the epics. Kondapalli soldiers, pen stand, Dasavatar set and the Ambari elephants are among the famous items produced by the artisans here. The small wonders, made of white Poniki and painted with natural colours like vegetable dyes are a collector's delight.


Vegetable dyes are used for painting the toys which are of export quality while Oil paints are used for colouring the toys sold within India and enamel paints are applied for the toys made for special occasions.

Our Prime Minister has praised Kondapalli Toys in Man Ki Baat. These toys are the perfect mix of Children's play and home decor.

The Precision of Kondapalli Bommalu toys is incredible. For an Indian handicraft lover, this art is a complete world. The range of Kondapalli Bommalu toys is hard to believe. The more you dive into the world of Kondapalli Bommalu toys the more you feel overjoyed about the age-old art.  

Watching the Kondapalli Toys itself is a sight to behold for any handicraft lover.

Our Government is promoting Kondapalli Toys as a part of Made In India Campaign. is leaving no stones unturned to promote the art and artisans.

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