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Covid-19, Essentials, and Contactless Delivery

Covid-19, Essentials, and Contactless Delivery
18 May, 2021

With the rapid spread of the Covid-19 pandemic across our country, the health and the safety of people are becoming the most critical part of any responsible company’s operation looking beyond profit and revenues. As Stay Home, Stay Safe is the new normal during these trying times people are looking for essentials to be delivered to them with utmost health safety protocols. Most of the E-Commerce companies are doing their best to follow the Most stringent protocols like social distancing, contactless delivery, and contactless payments.

According to ET Retail, it’s crucial that companies strictly adhere to the set standards of hygiene. One of the ways by which e-commerce has innovated to suit the pandemic timeframe is ‘contactless delivery’– a timely measure that is saving millions of lives all over the world.

The true impact of contactless delivery can only be realised when it’s followed diligently by all the parties involved. This means regular sanitation of warehouses, working personnel, packaged goods, and delivery partners. Providing PPE such as masks, gloves, and hand sanitiser can go a long way in ensuring that the delivery is truly contactless.

The government has strongly expressed its concern for the higher spread of the virus when people come in contact with each other.

End-to-End hygiene plays a notable role to curb the spread of the pandemic.

This can be achieved with the holistic approach only, all the stakeholders have to understand the significance of the prevention and precaution to be applied by them, be it management, employee, and customer.

As our health infrastructure is under severe pressure, it is always best to follow the best-recommended hygiene standards for all. E-Commerce companies are always devising new processes and hygiene standards for their customers and ‘contactless delivery’ is one of the key procedures that has been followed. is a frontrunner as far as customer health, and safety is concerned.  All the safety measures have strictly adhered to while delivering the essentials to its priceless customers.


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