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Hut Craft Of Coconut Shell

Hut Craft Of Coconut Shell

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Gautam Buddha Face Coconut Shell Craft

Color: Brown

Product: Hut Craft 

Material: Coconut Shell
Size: 5.5 Inches

Occasion: Decoration& All-Purpose
Care: Dust off occasionally and keep away from the rain. No maintenance or dry-cleaning required

Gautam Buddha Face Coconut Shell Craft This is an exclusive GI product from Kerala

Brass embroidered coconut shell craft of Kerala is the craft of making beautifully carved and brass embroidered products like cups, flower vases, snuff boxes, nut bowls, powder boxes, and spoons using coconut shells as practiced by the artisans of Kerala in India. This art requires great skill on the part of the artisan as the shell is extremely hard. The coconut shell has been identified as one such wonder material that should invariably find its place in all the homes, hotels, and institutions as a decorative cum utility item that people will use in the form of cutlery, crockery, or stationary.

“Coconut Shell Craft  will definitely be a nice choice for people who love natural/ organic items”

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