Standing Puppet of Rajasthan for Entertainment, Folk Dance (Single Piece)

Standing Puppet of Rajasthan for Entertainment, Folk Dance (Single Piece)

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  • Country of Origin:       India
  • G.I:                                    Rajasthan
  • Product:                         Standing Puppet
  • Material:                         Wood & Fabric
  • Size:                                 20 inches
  • Care:                                Clean it with dry cloth and keep away from water and fragrance.


This is an Exclusive GI Product of Rajasthan. 

KATHPUTLI is made out of two words, Kath means wood and Putli means doll. It is designed from wood, metal strings, and clothes. One can never forget the best puppetry show of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Each Kathputli describes its own native story. These stories are basically based on tradition and folks. Many decorative materials are also produced from these materials. It is a system of patronage that is supported by Kings and their well-off-families. Bhatt community says that this show had been performed by their families for Royal and receives great honour and pride for their extreme talent. Without these puppets, nothing can be entertained in Rajasthan. It is used for decoration purposes and can be used as gifting material. It is available at very reasonable prices. To maintain its uniqueness Government of India has given Geographical Indication tags for its beautiful immemorial culture.

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