Blue Pottery Handmade Ceramic Container Jars By Saadgee

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This Handmade Blue Pottery product is perfect for decorating & giving Royal look to our Homes & Offices.
This Beautiful variation of colors & design in inspired by nature & forest.

10 cm
-Height: 10 cm
-Weight: 400 grams

How is it made:
- Manufacturing of Blue Pottery involves the use of Quartz Powder, Indigenous Glass Powder, Katira, Saji & Molteni Soil.
- Utensils/Products are prepared from the dough (the mixture of above items) and kept in sun to dry.
- Flowers & other designs are Sketched & Painted on the utensils/products using natural colors.
- Lastly, utensils/products are glazed & put in wooden fire kilns with the heat of 750͘͘͘͘͘`C to 800`C.
- It is a 12-15 days process.
Special Features:
- Painted directly with a brush.
- No use of stencils.
- No use of Machine or Moulds.
- Purely Handmade process.
- Royal & Luxury product.
Traditionally handcrafted and hand-painted pottery artwork was done by an expert craftsman.
Care Instructions: Be attentive when handling the product.
Since it’s a handmade product, there may be a minor difference in Weight & Measurement of every piece.

Easy Returns
Brand New
100% Original

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