Handmade Bastar Iron Craft Devious Big Tortoise Showpiece In Red Colour

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  • Country of Origin         India
  • G.I.                                  Chattisgarh
  • Material used                Iron 
  • Product type                 Tortoise
  • Used for                         Decoration
  • Colour                            Bronze colour
  • Size                                 9"*3" inch

Bastar is a district in the state of Raipur, Chattisgarh famous for its unique artwork throughout the world This rare art has been protected by the Bastar community for a very long time from many generations. This art is made by using conventional tools rather than using excellent machines. This art has been categorized into Woodwork, Bamboo art, and very known Metal art, Artifacts of copper and tin mixed material are made. It mainly made the statue of Idol of worship, God, Goddesses, and other home furnishing materials. The Government of India has given a Geographical Indication Certificate on its unique qualities and to maintain its creativity.

Easy Returns
Brand New
100% Original

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