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Andhra Pradesh Leather Puppetry

Folklore of our Traditions

The group of peddlers walks through the lanes of Andhra carrying in their hands the tradition of the state. Sing ballads, telling fortunes, selling amulets, performing acrobatics, and narrating the centuries-old culture. Old before Televisions and the Internet took control of our lives, these groups of entertainers were much awaited as the custom not only entertained people but also allowed them to understand the cultural epics of the country. Andhra Pradesh Leather Puppetry is a part of the same custom that is carried from one generation to another. At present, leather puppets are the hallmark of Andhra Pradesh's art and crafts.

Locally, it is known as Tollubommalu or Tollubommalatta, this form of shadow-puppet theatre is popular in several regions of Andhra Pradesh. History believes that the art has been originated in 200 BC during the reign of the powerful Satvanhana dynasty. The puppetry can now be used as a decorative as well. Wherever you place them it will add hints of an old tradition in that corner and let it illuminate. To ensure that the art does not lose its shine, the Goal has preserved it with a GI tag.

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