Handmade Book Shape Printed Jewellery Box

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·         This Awesome Looking Book Style Jewellery Box or Multipurpose Box is Made Up of MDF. 
 This is a ECO Friendly Product Say No to Plastic and Save The Environment. 

·         Keep your valuables secure with this ingenious book shaped safe, not only does the cleverly disguised book safe keep your valuables under lock and key, but with its english lasrge xxl sixe book cover, it could easily be mistaken for just another book on your shelf, and the last thing that a thief will have time to do when hunting for swag is to go rifling through the dictionary to find the definition of outfoxed.

·         It's also a handy and memorable place to leave things overnight. Never again will you have to go searching the house first thing in the morning having forgotten where you left your keys and wallet, now you can simply put them in the book safe and you'll always remember. It really is the last word in book smart.

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