Handloom Kullu Shawl Of Himachal Pradesh Red & Balck Color

Handloom Kullu Shawl Of Himachal Pradesh Red & Balck Color

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Authentic GI Kullu Shawl Of Himachal Pradesh 

Elegant Design and Perfect for both Casual as well as Formal Occasions. Soft and warm for the ultimate comfort. Long fiber wool means your Stole stays fresh and warm for years to come. Perfect, Exquisite Gift Choice for gifting to Friends and loved ones.

  • G.I. Origin:  Himachal Pradesh
  • Material:  Indian wool, Pashmina silk, Angora wool, Yak wool, etc.
  • Yarn used:  2/44’s to 2/64’s Woollen worsted
  • Size(L X W):  2 X 0.5m
  • Weave:  2/2 Twill & Weft rib in patterning
  • Colour:  Red 
  • Ideal  For:  Winter wear
  • Wash care: Do not use warm water. Dry clean only. Use Naphthalene balls or Neem leaves while storing it. Give a sun bask at least twice during the whole monsoon. Do not store it in a polythene bag. 

Handloom Kullu Shawl Of Himachal Pradesh Red & Balck Color - This is an Exclusive G.I. Product of Himachal Pradesh

A Kullu Shawl is a purely handwoven shawl made in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. It has featured various patterns and designs. It is known all around the world for its simple and elegant designs and its fine woolen fabric. It has the best manufacturing quality. Typically, Kullu Shawls have geometric designs on both ends. The shawls may also have floral designs, which may run all around.

Kullu Shawls are highly demanded due to its affordability. The Government of India has been given a Geographical Indication certificate for this product due to its unique feature.

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