Pure Natural Ladoo Shape Ayodhya Jaggery (Gud) 1kg

Pure Natural Ladoo Shape Ayodhya Jaggery (Gud) 1kg

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·         Total Calorie- 300.00

·         Carbohydrate - 77.00mg

·         Potamium- 400.00 mg

·         Protein - 1.00mg

·         Calcium- 62.%

·         Iron - 100%

·         Suger- 74.00g

Jaggery making in Ayodhya is being carried out traditionally since generations. About 20% of the total agricultural land of the district is used for sugarcane cultivation. The district mainly produces jaggery and jaggery-products like sesame gajak, ladoo, chikki, gud ke ladoo etc. Sugarcane, the raw material required for making jaggery, is present here in abundance.

Jaggery is often used as a replacement for refined sugar. Jaggery is produced using traditional methods, and contains trace amounts of micronutrients including iron, potassium, magnesium, and B-vitamins. Jaggery is sometimes consumed for its supposed digestive and other health benefits.

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