Pink-Grey Palm Leaf Storage Basket Large

Pink-Grey Palm Leaf Storage Basket Large

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Authentic GI Tagged Pink-Grey Palm Leaf Storage Basket Large

Intricately woven Palm leaf baskets, perfect for storage as well as gifting. They add a relaxed pop of colour and folk charm to living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. Palm leaves are stripped, dyed and then woven into form using ancient techniques and patterns of Kottan to create these beautiful baskets. Each of these unique pieces is handcrafted to be cherished. Ideal for: Storage and Gifting Product Name: Chettinad Kottan Material: Palm Leaf Color: Pink-Grey Set Content: 1 Basket Weight: 170 gm (approx.)

Chettinad Kottan ( Palm Leaf Storage Basket ) - This is an Exclusive GI Product of Tamil Nadu. The Chettinad kottan is a handwoven basket made from the strips of palm leaf in a distinctive pattern. This craft was a favourite pastime for the older Chettiar women of the house. They would sit around in groups in the large courtyards of their grand mansions making these colourful baskets. These baskets had both ritualistic and ceremonial significance. These traditional kottans were considered to be an unwritten consent and unspoken invitation and often contained vetrilaipakku (betel leaves and areca nuts). These would hold gifts and offerings during contractual agreements, weddings, sacred rituals, when people went abroad and when the daughter left for her new home after marriage. Kottans are made from the locally available palmyra palm also called panamaram (Borassus flabellifer). This celestial tree is revered by the people of Tamil Nadu as kalpa vriksha and found in abundance. These green fan-like shaped leaves are dried in the sun for 5 – 6 days till they turn to a light brown colour. The stalk is cut from the leaves and excess fibre is removed using a broomstick. Then, each leaflet is separated by hand and the stiff part near the stalk is cut with an aruvalmanai (a cutter with a metal blade mounted on a wooden block). The central vein of the leaf is carefully removed either with the cutter or satyagaam (a needle-like instrument with a curved sickle-like blade and a needle at the other end) to be used later to finish the basket rims. These unique weave designs which has also received the UNESCO stamp are Gundumani weave (plain weave), Malayalam weave (twill weave), Cross olai weave (plain weave variation) and Surul (plain weave variation with two corners and are used as money purses).

Disclaimer: Please note that all our products are meticulously handcrafted by artists one crafted at a time. Due to this process, there may be a slight variation from one Crafted to the next. Such variations are inherent in the manufacturing of handcrafted products, so you may expect minor distinctions from shown images.

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