Premium Quality Kalanamak Rice - 5Kg

Premium Quality Kalanamak Rice - 5Kg

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Authentic Kalanamak Rice of Uttar Pradesh

  • GI Origin: Uttar Pradesh

  • Product Type: Agricultural, Food Grain

  • Useful for: Cooking

  • Quantity: 5 Kg

  • Nutritional Value: Iron, Zinc, Electrolytes, Beta-Carotene & Only Rice variant rich in Vitamin A

Kalanamak Rice is an aromatic variant of rice with high health benefits and nutritional value, grown in Uttar Pradesh. The grain size ranges from small to medium and has an amazing binding quality and softer grains when cooked, as compared to Basmati rice, due to the presence of medium amylose levels. Kalanamak rice is a rich source of Iron, Zinc, Electrolytes, Beta-Carotene & Vitamin A. It is named so because of its black husk, “Kala'' meaning black and “Namak” meaning salt.

Kalanamak Rice is an Exclusive GI of Uttar Pradesh. 

Kalanamak Rice is said to be a gift from Lord Buddha to end the suffering of people caused by starvation, in the Kushinagar region of Uttar Pradesh. It is said to have been cultivated since 600 BC. 

Kalanamak rice is considered to be the finest variant of rice in the international market and cooked rice has a relatively long shelf life. Kalanamak Rice is an Exclusive GI of Uttar Pradesh and was awarded a GI certification in the year 2013.

Disclaimer: Please note that all our products are nurtured and handpicked by esteemed and experienced farmers. Due to this process, there may be a slight variation from product to product. The actual product may slightly vary from the photograph shown and is subjected to minor manufacturing distinctions.

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