Hand Woven Natural Grass Moonj Wall Utility Stand (25x25x13) By Rekhakriti

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·                  Pieces of hand-woven baskets measuring the (25x25x13)

·                  Antimicrobial, will not retain germs, mould, or mildew and certified dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

·                  Great for holding kitchen utensils or for desk, office, and school supplies

·                  A large variety of bright and beautiful colours to complement any house, office, or garden


Handwoven serving utensil made up of eco-friendly natural washable grass (moonj). Can be used as a tray for serving dry food products to your guest. Can also be used to give dry fruits to the brides in marriages.

The moonj grass articles made by women of Uttar Pradesh (especially Allahabad) are entirely different from anything else, which you see in any other part of the country. Moonj is a plant, which automatically grows by the riverside or roadside of rural area. After the rains, it is cut down and divided into thin pieces and preserved in the house for use throughout the year. Though it has its own golden colour, which is very attractive the village women also dye the grass in red, black, blue and green colours to give the articles made of this a presentable look. Coiling is a basketry technique used by women.

Easy Returns
Brand New
100% Original

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