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Pure Natural Kashmir Mongra Saffron/Kesar

Pure Natural Kashmir Mongra Saffron/Kesar

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Noorali has the proud privilege to house the world’s best quality Kashmiri saffron in its purest form, 100% certified, original Kesar. NOORALI SAFFRON complies with FSSAI and is registered with the Directorate of Agriculture Production and Farmers Welfare (Government of Jammu and Kashmir for GI under Reg. No: SP00078B) selling authentic Kashmir Saffron threads to customers globally

Buy pure homegrown GI Certified Noorali Kashmiri Saffron (Kesar / Zaffron). Sourced directly from the fields of 'Saffron Town Pampore', treat yourself to the exotic, aromatic, and premium grade of saffron to enhance your culinary skill and add powerful colors, fragrance, and taste to your special delicacies. Special care is taken in ensuring that only the best grade of saffron reaches you and your loved ones.

Quality Promise, 100% money-back guarantee:

We are confident and take pride in calling ourselves the pioneers of ' Pure Kashmiri saffron' not just another typical brand, we have been serving our homegrown saffron threads to thousands of happy customers globally. Probably, we are the only brand that offers a full money refund guarantee on the quality, we pledge to make pure Kashmiri saffron accessible to everyone. We understand that this is not just any other spice. It is considered a sacred food ingredient by our countrymen, so we uphold that sanctity of King Spice 'Saffron'

NOORALI sells the highest quality saffron:

Basically, there are four types of saffron: Mongra, Lacha, Zarda, and Choora. Mongra is the most premium quality of saffron that is available. And NOORALI only sells the Mongra (dark red strands) part of saffron. This variety of saffron is known to have gorgeous red color and a very pleasant aroma. The pledge to sell only genuine premium products is another factor that makes us the best saffron brand in India.

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