Nagpur Orange Juicy & Pulpy (2 Dozen) By Mahaorange

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This is Exclusive GI Product from Maharashtra


Nagpur orange is famous for its unique taste in the world, which is sweet, sour & has juicy pulp. It gives the city of Nagpur its pseudonym orange city. The geographical indication was applied for Nagpur orange with the registrar of Geographical Indication’s in India and is effective as of April 2014. The orange crop here grows twice a year. The fruit available from September to December is ambiya and mrig crop in January. Nagpur spread over an area of 1.21 lakh Ha.

Benefits of eating Oranges:

High in Vitamin C, healthy immune system prevents skin damage, keep blood pressure under check, lowers cholesterol, controls blood sugar level, lower the risk of cancer, alkaline the body, good eye health, safeguards against constipation.


Easy Returns
Brand New
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