Dome Shaped Mosaic Style Decorative Glass Table Lamp For Home Decor By Sangam Glass Decorators

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·         Ideal for: Home Decor

·         Material: Glass

·         Weight: 1.5 kg

·         Size: 8 Inches

Sangam glass decorators offer you a very unique and specially designed handmade decorative lighting product for home, retail stores, and luxury hotels. These mosaic lamps are made of original color glasses. When the lamp is lit, the glasses appear in colorful shades, which will effortlessly change the ambiance of your room in a beautiful way. The handmade lamp is great for mood or accent lighting and adds an awesome feel to the room. It comes with electric wire which is attached to a clip switch that makes it very easy to turn it on and off.

Easy Returns
Brand New
100% Original

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