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Toys are the windows that let you sneak into your childhood. Once, you get them in your hand, they make you feel like a child again. In India, there are many regions which master the art of making wooden and leather toys. It is a simple yet elegant art that reflects the centuries-old culture and tradition of the region and country.

They are beautiful, captivated and amazing craft to decorate your home or gift to a child.

This traditional craft of wooden and leather toys dates back to the early civilization period where children used to play with toys made up of wood and leather materials. The art came to India with different rulers. Earlier this craft was done with ivory but after the ban of ivory, the material of the craft shifted to woods and leather.

The wooden and leather toys are produced in many parts of India each having their own specialty and prominence as Channapatna Toys & Dolls, Etikoppaka Toys, Kinhal Toys, Varanasi Wooden Lacquer Ware & Toys, Nirmal Toys and Crafts, Leather Toys of Indore.

These toys and crafts are the tradition and culture of the India and preserved by the Geographical Indication of the Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999.

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