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Authentic Etikoppaka Toys Wooden House

Authentic Etikoppaka Toys Wooden House

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·      Material: Wood

·      Heritage: Etikoppaka Wooden Toys Of Andhra Pradesh

·      Colour: Multicolor

·      Size: 4 Inch

·      Item: Home & Office Decor, As a Gift


This is Exclusive GI Product of Andhra Pradesh.

Etikoppaka village in Andhra Pradesh, where traditional wooden toys are tagged with Geographical Indication (GI). It is painted with softwood and lacquer color and natural colors which are derived from seeds, lac roots, and leaves. The toy made by rural artisans is completely lightweight for children, it is easy to maintain items made of wood, using environmentally friendly colors very lightly. They can be served as a gift on any joyous occasion or used as a good showpiece or tabletop.

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