Handmade Uttarakhand Tamta Product Copper Diya- Set Of 3

Handmade Uttarakhand Tamta Product Copper Diya- Set Of 3

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Authentic GI Uttarakhand Tamta Product

Copper crafts have a long and illustrious history. The craft of producing copper vessels is thought to have originated in Uttarakhand's Almora area. Apart from Almora, the copper craft may also be found in Uttarakhand's Chamoli, Champavat, Bageshwar, and Pithoragarh. And now has taken up a prestigious position as GI Tagged Product of Uttarakhand. 

GI Origin:
                        Uttarakhand, India
                                Copper Diya
Product Content:
      Set Of 3

Uttarakhand Tamta Product - This Is An Exclusive GI Of Uttarakhand

Copper is used to making a variety of items such as kitchen utensils, musical instruments, decorative items, water filters, and so on. Copper is sourced locally by artisans (from Bageshwar copper mines). The copper sheets are cut to the desired shape and molded to the shape of the final products to be created. Parts are made separately and then soldered together to produce items like pots. Finally, the outside surface is polished to give it a lustrous sheen. With thousands of enterprises dispersed across the state, Uttarakhand is the world's largest brass and copper-producing region, with goods created from one or more pieces of metal. A pair of compasses are used to mark out the copper or brass sheet, and then a scissor called a Katari is used to cut off the piece or pieces. Alternating heating and hammering create the appropriate shape, which is then turned on the lathe. The object is given a final polish on the lathe itself. India's artisans are masters of this craft.

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