Aranmula Kannadi Valkannadi Glass Mirror By Aranmula Mirrors

Aranmula Kannadi Valkannadi Glass Mirror By Aranmula Mirrors

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·         Material : Bronze

·         Height : 20 cm

·         Width : 8.0 cm

·         Mirror Dimension : 6.5cm

·         Care Instuction : Mirrors are usually stored at room temperature away from direct heat and dust.


This is Exclusive GI Product Of Kerala

Aranmula Kannadi Mirror which is famous for its texture and beauty. This model is known as represents good luck and prosperity and royal tradition in home and business and symbolizes unlimited wealth and abundance in life. Auspicious functions and invaluable attendance for special guests. The precise metals used in the alloy are mixed with copper and tin before being polished for several days to achieve their reflective surface. In a normal mirror, the image is formed from the inner surface. However, in Aranmula Kannadi, light can be reflected from the outer surface (ie from the polished metal surface) which gives an ideal image.

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