Banaras Gulabi Meenakari Craft Silver Designer Earring

Banaras Gulabi Meenakari Craft Silver Designer Earring

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Banaras Gulabi Silver Pink Meenakari Earrings 

·          Handmade Gulabi Meenakari Earring is crafted beautifully by the skilled artisan of Varanasi.

·          It is one attractive piece for women

·          This Earring is made using premium quality 22g pure silver & 28g Meena with pink paint gold material.

Banaras Gulabi Meenakari Craft Silver Designer Earring - This is an Exclusive GI Product of Varanasi

This Earring is made of silver, crystal, beads & Meena colors. It is one of the precious products under Banaras Gulaabi Meenkari Craft, is a unique art form of the city, and is one of the GI(Geographical Indication) Crafts from Varanasi. The painted enamel style was brought in Varanasi by the Persian enamellists around the early 17th century during the Mughal era. This enameling style reached its peak of perfection at the Persian Court at Isfahan during the Qajar dynasty. The art of Meenakari was prosperous till about a hundred years ago. Today there are only a handful of craft persons. They work on gold and silver enamel jewelry and other objects.

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