Handprinted Paper Diary Uttarakhand Aipan Art

Handprinted Paper Diary Uttarakhand Aipan Art

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Authentic GI Handpainted Uttarakhand Aipan Art 

Traditional Aipan art handpainted diary, A special gift you can share with your friends and family. Perfect for Christmas gift, New Year gifts or Birthday presents. Permanently record important information in this Diary for lasting reference, great for legal notes, research data, personal memoirs and more.

GI Origin:                          Uttarakhand, India
Color:                                 Magenta
Product Content:        Single Product
Item:                                  Paper Diary
Useful For:                      Personal & Official 

Uttarakhand Aipan Art - This Is An Exclusive GI Of Uttarakhand 

 It is created to memorialize auspicious moments, festivals, and even rites carried out during a person's death. The art form is also said to provide protection against evil. Previously only found on the floors and walls of homes, the art form is now found on a wide range of everyday objects and clothing. Aipan is a type of traditional folk art created by Uttarakhand women. With white paste created from rice flour, this art is done on the floor over a brick red background. On all major occasions, as well as domestic rites and rituals, traditional art is performed. These symbols are said to inspire divine power, bringing good fortune and warding off evil. Aipan painting in Uttarakhand has a distinct identity.
The word "Aipan" is derived from the word "Arpan." "Likhai" is a commonly used term for it (writing). Despite the fact that it is a finger pattern. Pujas, festivals, and ceremonies associated with birth, janeu (the sacred thread ceremony), marriage, and death use Aipan as ceremonial designs. Simple ochre (Geru) color and rice paste are utilized as the raw materials. The last three fingers of the right hand are frequently used by women to paint designs on their homes' floors and walls. The artist draws the design freehand once the ochre base is complete. Aipan Art Products That Are In Demand.

Disclaimer:  Please note that all our products are meticulously handprinted by master artists one painting at a time. Due to this process, there may be a slight variation from one painting to the next. Such variations are inherent in the manufacturing of handpainted products, so you may expect minor distinctions.

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