Handmade Purulia Chau Adivasi Couple Design Face Mask

Handmade Purulia Chau Adivasi Couple Design Face Mask

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·         Material Used:-Paper, Mud & Clay

·         100% Handmade

·         Item Design- Adivasi Face

·         Multi-color

·         Face Mask

·         Very Unique Gift

·         6/6 "

This is a Demon Face Mask made by a local artisan from Purulia West Bengal. The very unique and traditional form of art which is going to end. Some of the family still engaging in this craft to earn their livelihood. Paper, mud, and clay are used to make these masks. The masks are painted in pastel shades and have a frank, simple, and bold look. The eyebrows, mouth, and eyes are painted to give those special effects and give completeness to the looks of the masks. 

The mask used in the Chhau dance of Purulia is mainly for mythological characters such as Mahishasur-Mardini, Rama-Sita, the fight of Rama and Rabana, etc. Sometimes small Santhal couple masks are used. The mask has feathers and other ornaments that surround the face, which can be extended 2 feet from the mask itself.

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