Eco Friendly Home Furnishing Pattamadai Pai (Pattamadai Mats)

Eco Friendly Home Furnishing Pattamadai Pai (Pattamadai Mats)

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Material: River (Korai) Grass

Size: 2 ft (breadth) X 4.6 ft (height approximately)

Dress up your walls with this mat wall hanging and bring on the rustic old world charm

It is an Exclusive GI from Tamil Nadu

One of the distinctive handicrafts of Tamil Nadu, this is a handwoven grass mat wall hanging unique to a town called Pattamadai (Pathamadai) in Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu. Artisans meticulously hand-weave this mat that lends an exceptional appeal to it. More commonly known as ‘Korai Mat’ (‘paai’ in Tamil; ‘chatai’ in Hindi), its base material is Korai Grass that grows mainly along riverbeds. The mat-making technique is intricate and elaborate that involves drying, soaking, splitting and dyeing the grass strands. Traditionally these mats were used for sitting, chatting and sleeping; to stay in sync with changing tastes and needs, the artisans are now transforming these mats into beautiful wall hangings, table runners, tea mats.

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