Wayanad Espresso Coffee Powder (Moka Pot) 250g

Wayanad Espresso Coffee Powder (Moka Pot) 250g

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·         Material Feature: Vegetarian

·         Quantity: 250 gm

·         Shelf Life: 9 Months

·         Wayanad Espresso Coffee Powder

·         Moka Pot


Prabhath Coffee Works has been bringing you Beetall Coffee fresh roasted coffee powder that is always good to the last drop. The company's passion for coffee and attention to detail has allowed Beetall Coffee to bring the world great-tasting coffee for well over 79 years. Enjoy your cup of Beetall Coffee without compromise. With its distinguished legacy, Beetall is a brand you can trust when you need a great cup of coffee to get you going. This product can be used in both electric and stovetop espresso makers Espresso is the name of a highly concentrated, bittersweet coffee that originated in Italy in the early 20th century. Translated from Italian, the word 'Espresso' refers to the speed and single-serve nature of the coffee compared with slower methods of brewing coffee. This is just one of the several types of coffee served across the world.

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