Harmal Dry Chilli Of Goa - 1 Kg

Harmal Dry Chilli Of Goa - 1 Kg

Authentic Taste Enhancing Harmal Dry Red Chilli of Goa GI Origin: GoaProduct Type: Dr..

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Chilli is a lucrative crop and a good source of income for Goa's farmers. In 2021, the Geographical Indication Tag (GI) will be issued to this particular chilli, which is in high demand in Goa. The Harmal chile is grown at Harmal, a seaside community in the Pernem taluk in the North Goa region. According to local elders, this chile has been farmed in this manner for 150–200 years. Every family contributes to the manufacturing of this well-known fiery chilli in some way. When the fruits have fully ripened and slightly withered on the plant, the chilli is ready to harvest, which usually takes 3–3 1/2 months. Harvesting occurs either early in the morning or late in the evening, with the fruits being carefully selected by hand to avoid damage. The fruits are kept in the open overnight for them to get the required maturity and color. They are then washed and dried for at least 7–8 days in the sun. If it is to be stored in airtight containers, it must be thoroughly dried. Harmal chillies are one-of-a-kind in terms of size, pungency, and colour, as well as having a non-wrinkly skin texture due to soil features and hot and humid climatic circumstances. The chilli has a characteristic reddish brownish colour, a thin outer skin, and a large number of seeds, resulting in a large amount of chilli powder. This chilli is of high quality and can be kept for a long time. This chilli, which has a medium to high pungency, is utilized in practically every Goan dish.