Highly Fragrant Jasmine Flowers | Mysore Malligae - 1 Kg

Highly Fragrant Jasmine Flowers | Mysore Malligae - 1 Kg

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Highly Fragrant Jasmine Flowers Mysore Malligae

  • GI Origin: Karnataka

  • Product Type: Real Flowers

  • Useful for: Wedding, Party, Festive, Fragrance, Garlands, Home Decor

  • Quantity: 1 Kg

Mysore Malligae is an extremely fragrant range of jasmine flowers indigenous to Mysore city and the surrounding regions of the city. The flowers are considered auspicious and are specially used in weddings, garlands and home decor.

Mysore Malligae is an exclusive GI of Karnataka.

Jasmine flowers are known to be indigenous to India and are grown since 300 A.D. The mention of Jasmine flowers is also found in the Mahabharata. The flowers are highly fragrant and used in home decor, weddings and in making garlands. The conditions in and around Mysore are suitable for growing Mysore Malligae. The soil has a high PH level and the weather is warm and dry. The flowering season starts in March and goes until July. Mysore Malligae is an exclusive GI of Karnataka and was certified in the year 2007.

Disclaimer: Please note that all our products are mindfully handpicked by skilled farmers. Due to this process, there may be a slight variation from product to product. The actual product may slightly vary from the photograph shown and is subjected to minor distinctions due to the natural occurrence.

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