Myndoli Or Moira Banana 3 Dozen

Myndoli Or Moira Banana 3 Dozen

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Authentic GI Myndoli Banana

The Myndoli banana is a tall banana type. The fruits are long and large, with a dark yellow colour and a weight of around 200 grammes. This one-of-a-kind banana is high in energy, vitamins, and minerals, as well as being healthy and therapeutic. In 2020, this native banana was awarded the Geographical Indication Tag (GI).

Myndoli Or Moira Banana 3 Dozen- This Is An Exclusive GI Of Goa

It's also known as the moira banana. It is found on a massive, tall banana plant. It produces long, tusk-shaped fruits that are yellowish-golden in hue. It has a longer shelf life and has less seeds, as well as more sweetness. It is high in energy, vitamins, and minerals and is very healthy. It's also used to make a sweet dish called halwa, which is fried in ghee and then boiled in sugar syrup.

GI Origin:         Goa, India
Weight:             200 gm each banana
It is also thought to have medical properties and can help avoid certain illnesses.

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