Cream and Onion Vengurla Cashew - 200GM

Cream and Onion Vengurla Cashew - 200GM

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High-Grade Delicious Cream and Onion Cashews from Vengurla

  • GI Origin: Maharashtra

  • Nutritional Value: High content of Protein, Magnesium, Manganese

  • Quantity: 200 Gm

Vengurla Cashew is high-grade cashew produced in the Sindhudurg District of Maharashtra. Vengurla has high favorable climatic and soil conditions for the growth of the Cashew crop. The crop requires low maintenance. Regional Fruit Station was established in the year 1957 in Vengurla and the station proved 7 varieties of cashew ranging from V1 (Vengurla-1) to V7, V1 being the shortest and the lightest, and V7 is the longest and relatively heaviest.

Vengurla Cashew is an exclusive GI of Maharashtra.

Cashew is known as a “Wonder Nut” since the seed of the cashew apple grows outside its fruit. Portuguese brought the cashew crop to India in the 16th century. The term “Cashew” is derived from the Brazilian name ‘Acajaiba’ and the Tupi name ‘Acaju’ which was later converted to ‘Caju’ by the Portuguese and is commonly known as ‘Kaju’ in India. The cashew nut is dried once the outer skin is peeled off the kernel. Vengurla Cashew is an exclusive GI of Maharashtra and was awarded a GI certification in the year 2016

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