Unique Hand Woven Toda Embroidery Potley Bag for Women (Set of 2)

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Beautiful Hand Woven Embroidery

Designed keeping in mind the changing fashion trends

Colour: White & Black

Weight: 50 gm (Approx)

Reversible (Dual Sided) Embroidery Technique

 This is an Exclusive GI Product from Tamil Nadu

This is the genuine hand woven product by the people of Toda tribe of Nilgiris District from the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. This product is a unique piece and takes up to 3 weeks to complete depending on the richness of the pattern and amount of embroidery done on each piece. The handmade Toda Embroidery is reversible, so one can use both sides. The main and only stitch used in this embroidery is darning stitch, done from the back of the fabric. We are providing you pure, ethnic and genuine hand-picked, handwoven and hand-crafted products with expertise and inherited art hands of locals.

Easy Returns
Brand New
100% Original

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