Beautiful Goddess Saraswati Crafted Thanjavur Veenai (Tanjore Veena) for Classical Music Lovers

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Made up of well seasoned Jack Fruit Wood

Good sound quality

A unique look and Beautifully crafted

Weight: 8 Kg (approx) 

Dimensions: 133 x 39 x 39 inches (L*W*H)

Colour: Brown

* Disclaimer- The Actual Product may vary in colour & the paintings combinations.

This is an Exclusive GI from Tamil Nadu

The most ancient string musical instrument from Tamil Nadu, India. This beautiful Veena is a piece of art, as well as the Most ancient stringed musical instrument from India. This veena is made up of well seasoned Special Jack Fruit Wood. Veena is associated with Goddess Saraswathi. It is often called the Tanjore veena or the Saraswati Veena. A person who plays the veena is called a Vainika.  It is played by sitting cross-legged with the instrument held tilted slightly away from the player. The sound of the Veena creates wonderful vibrations. The veena is in length consisting of a large resonator (kudam), a wooden bridge (kudurai), a tapering hollow neck (dandi), a smaller non-functional resonator and seven strings of the Veena.

Easy Returns
Brand New
100% Original

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