Joynagar Moa Sweets (1kg)

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    1kg. pack of "Joynagar-er Moa" (Nolen Gur Flavoured) - "The most famous mouth-watering seasonal sweet of West Bengal during the winter". The 1kg. pack contains 20 pcs. of sweets (Moa).

    Joynagar Moa is one of those few Bengali delicacies of Bengal that have managed to keep it original form and texture intact even today.  Joynagar Moa has a special place in the hearts of every Bengali because of its unique texture and aroma. However, most of the Moa that you come across in local stores and even in local trains are not actually made in Joynagar. These Moa are promoted and marketed as Joynagar Moa but in reality they are not. They are locally made by using chemical ingredients.They are just the by products of cheap imitation and made from inferior quality materials and this is not at all good for the health and wellbeing of your family.

    Original Joynagarer Moa is made from Kanakchur khoi, gawa ghee and date palm jiggery. The texture, the balance of different flavors and the sweetness of our original Joynagarer Moa is something that you are going to relish and remember for a long time to come. So, what are you waiting for? Just purchase a packet of 12 piece Joynagarer Moa from our GoBengal Shop and give your tastebuds a treat that they deserve. 

    Note- This Product Available only November to March 

    Easy Returns
    Brand New
    100% Original

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