Waghya Ghevada 1kg

Waghya Ghevada 1kg

Ghevada ki Sabzi or as it is known in Marathi- Ghevdyachi Bhaji is a stir fry, veg preparation..

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In India Maharashtra state has been full of Natural Crops. The Maharashtra Ghevda Beans also known as French beans are supplied all over the world. Beans are very good source of fibers and their nutrient content includes fibers, vitamins, minerals and very less carbohydrates. Ghevda Beans also contain protein, calcium, dietary fiber, iron and several other essential nutrients. These beans have impressive amount of antioxidants and even provide cardiovascular benefits.  Healthy and enrich with nutrients. Waghya Ghevada of Maharashtra received the Geographical Indication of India tag on March 31, 2016.