Traditional Hand Carved Gomira Wooden Mask of Kushmandi Face with Colourful Crown for Home Decor

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Material Used: Wood

Item: Faced

Size: 12 Inches

Colour: Multicolour

Product Type - Wall Mask

High-Grade Material Used & Handicrafted Home Decor Item For Living Room/Bedroom/Halls/Kitchen/Office/Cafe/Diwali Decoration

In the Indian state of West Bengal, Kushmandi block is famous for masks colloquial terms “Mukha” (Made by Gamari Wood) based on popular folk and mythological characters. Traditionally, the Gomira dance starts with the entry of the characters Bura-Buri, who is the human representations of Shiva and Parvati. Apart from serving the ritualistic purpose, the dance performance is also a source of joy and gaiety for the villagers. The wooden masks are traditionally objects of worship and devotion.

The masks have started their journey from the village dance performances to the urban drawing rooms and with time are becoming delectable pieces of art. 

Easy Returns
Brand New
100% Original

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