Handmade Beautiful Authentic Black Pottery Flower Vase For Home/Office/Indoor Decor

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·         Beautiful Flower Vase made of black pottery

·         6 inches height

·         Made from very fine and smooth clay, on potter's wheel by hand

·         No colour is used in the product. The pottery gains its black colour due to the presence of carbon during baking process

·         Each piece is polished with mango pulp, bamboo leaves, caustic soda and mustard oil for the signature shining look

·         Use this bottle shaped flower vase in office/ home / indoor for the premium look

·         Handcrafted by world class artisans imparting unpatrolled refinement and finish to the product

Black is Ethereal, Only a few crafts bring out the truth of this thought as beautifully as the art of lustrous black pottery. Originating in the soul of the craft now lies in the dexterous hands of the Kumhaars or potters of Nizamabad who beautifully combine utility with art. The process of making this unique handicraft is as intriguing as the pottery itself.

Easy Returns
Brand New
100% Original

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