Authentic Goddess Durga Killing Asur Artwork Bengal Dokra Showpiece

Authentic Goddess Durga Killing Asur Artwork Bengal Dokra Showpiece

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  • Country of Origin                    India
  • GI Origin                                    West Bengal
  • Material                                    Bengal Dokra
  • Pattern                                      Goddess Durga
  • Colour                                        Golden
  • Size (L X W)                               10 inch
  • Weight                                       550 g
  • Ideal for                                    Decoration, gifting, adorning home

Wash care Dust it with soft cotton, Use soft-bristled brushes which is easy to clean fine corners

Goddess Durga Killing Asur Artwork Bengal Dokra Showpiece-This is an Exclusive GI product of West Bengal

Dhokra art is essentially stunning metal figurines fashioned from bronze and copper-based alloys using  "A lost wax casting" known as "core perdue" in French. There are several processes involved in the making of Dhokra art and hence a single piece could take up to a month or two to be created.

The natural outcome of the hand-crafting process adds a unique charm to this product. It is a perfect material for gifting and adorning your home. This beautiful piece has been handcrafted by master craftsmen from Chattisgarh.

From the heart of West Bengal comes to art so eternal, it is cast in the absoluteness of metal. An ancient method of making metal artifacts, Dhokra goes back 5000 years back. To protect its uniqueness, it has been provided a Geographical Indication certificate.

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