Handmade Traditional Bastar Dhokra Standing Elephant Showpiece

Handmade Traditional Bastar Dhokra Standing Elephant Showpiece

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·         Product Type : Handicraft

·         Art Work : Bastar Dhokra

·         Dimension (HxLxW)– 12x13x4 inch

·         Weight : 8.2 kg

·         Material : Bell Metal

·         Useful For : An ideal complement to home decoration, shelf decoration, table decoration, or gifting


This is an Exclusive GI Product Of Chhattisgarh


Bastar Arts, known for Dhokra (Bell Metal) handicrafts (a famous craft of Chhattisgarh, India), which is not only new in the country but also abroad, is one of the choices of customers all over the world. Dhokra art exhibits elegance and archaic simplicity with inspired antiquity. The handcraft includes traditional ornaments, animal and tribal figures, statues of local deities. Dhokra is non-ferrous metal casting that uses the lost wax casting technique. Made through clay mold, this craft is environmentally friendly. Elegantly designed and handmade by highly skilled craftsmen. This amazing artwork can be a good choice for decoration on your own home, office tabletop, wall shelves, wall corners, and exquisite collectibles.



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