Handmade Beautiful Authentic Black Pottery Jam Pot

Handmade Beautiful Authentic Black Pottery Jam Pot

  • ₹487

·         Multipurpose Black Pottery Jar or Classic Indian Handi.

·         Height 4 inch & Breath 8 inch

·         Can be used for storage (cookies, candies, food items, coins, etc) or for serving food (soups, curries etc).

·         This piece of stoneware also serves as a great medium/container for making curd or yoghurt at home.

·         Food Grade, Made of natural materials and colours Free of toxic chemicals.

·         Microwave and Dish Washer Safe.


Black is Ethereal, Only a few crafts bring out the truth of this thought as beautifully as the art of lustrous black pottery. Originating in the soul of the craft now lies in the dexterous hands of the Kumhaars or potters of Nizamabad who beautifully combine utility with art. The process of making this unique handicraft is as intriguing as the pottery itself.


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