Indoor & Outdoor Aligarh Lock with 3 Keys for Home Security

Indoor & Outdoor Aligarh Lock with 3 Keys for Home Security

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Highly durable shine and strength
Durable and Long Life

Colour: Siemens Grey

Material: Door Lock Set
Aligarh is an important business center of Uttar Pradesh and it is well known as the city of locks in India. Due to the easy availability of the raw materials and power supply, Aligarh has emerged as a good business center. Aligarh locks are exported across the world. The locks manufactured in Aligarh is immensely popular all over the country. Padlocks, door locks, multi-slot, bicycle locks, multi-purpose locks, etc. are produced in the district. Locks and hardware production is the cottage industry here.
This dazzling, sparkling and mesmerizing piece of Aligarh Lock has been designed to blend with the modern exterior and interior, at the same time, enhancing the beauty of its environs. Every piece goes through stringent quality control measures to assure consistent production standards from one batch to another. 


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